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2017 Design Trends You Need To Know About

With 2016 we saw some cool trends like indoor plants, distressed timbers, metallics, marble and mirror splashbacks.

But with the new year we welcome some hot new trends to keep your home or workplace up to date and looking fabulous.

We reveal what a stylish home looks like in 2017, and without further a due…..

1. Colour

You will be seeing a fresh splash of colour this year, one to look out for is ‘Greenery’, Pantone has named it the colour of the year for 2017. The bright and zesty hue might be hard to digest for some people, but it’s been embraced by interior designers across the world. Overall expect to see a lot more green this year, inspired by an indoor-outdoor way of living, designers and enthusiasts are looking for new ways to bring the outdoors in.

How to stay on trend this year?

Don’t be afraid to mix different hues of green, complimentary colours like blush and pink tones, jewel tones such as cobalt blue, emerald green and ruby red, will also be prominent.

Another colour trend we are seeing is a desert-inspired palette with matte sand and deep orange tones. As for the rise of rose gold and copper in 2016, we have a sneaking suspicion that silver is going to make a comeback this year.

2. Materials

2016 was all about metallics paired with marble, but step aside! It is time for matte and satine finishes to take centre stage.

But don’t go throwing all your quirky metallic objects out the window! There is still a place for warm metallic tones in 2017, but it’s more of a minimalist approach. Now you might have one or two metallic objects in a room, paired with more natural materials and textures like timber and stone, think of detail and subtlety.

The hunt will be on in 2017 for more luxurious and rare materials. Look out for terrazzo in particular, a textured material that uses cuts of marble sprinkled into concrete, as the next big thing. The use of patterned tiles, rugs and wallpaper combined with matte finishes like brushed gold and terrazzo flooring will be a hit this year. A resurgence of 1980’s interior design is expected with emerald green marble and luxe stone.


Patterns taken from natural form – in marble, timber or terrazzo – will reign supreme in 2017.

Old techniques like marquetry, where a starburst pattern is created in timber grains, will also make a comeback.

Geometric patterns will continue from 2016, but rather than referencing Moroccan or Peruvian styles they will be more of the mid-century European style, inspired by Italian architect Gio Ponti, and referencing more natural hues and forms.

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