Hidden Beaches in Sydney

Sydney has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

For this reason, things can get a little crowded. If you prefer things a bit more private, why not seek out a secluded stretch of sand?

Explore Sydney’s less famous beaches and discover a whole new side to beach/city life.

1. Chinaman’s Beach

just a kilometre north of Balmoral Beach. This 250-metre stretch of sand sits beside calm ocean, making it a great place to take your kids for a swim.

2. Redleaf Beach

At Double Bay, Redleaf Beach has a wrap around pontoon and a large, netted swimming area. Watch the boats and take in spectacular views of the city.

3. Milk Beach

In Vaucluse, Milk Beach, a short walk from Nielsen Park, is an isolated stretch of coastline that offers its few visitors a dramatic view of Sydney. There are great walking trails too.

4. Jibbon Beach

Jibbon Beach in Royal National Park, where you can spend hours scuba diving and snorkelling, in the pristine waters. This one is a little more out of the way, but well worth the drive.

5. Congwong Beach

Congwong Beach in La Perouse a sleepy beach, here you can spend the day on the sand or exploring the national park. The water is calm and crystal blue.

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