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Interior Design Secrets To Transform Your Home

Whether you’re moving, renovating or revamping your current home, DIY decorating and interior design can be tricky and expensive if you don’t know how.

Sometimes it isn’t that big expensive piece of furniture that makes a room, it’s the smaller details; a lamp, a mirror or a rug that can make your home have that WOW factor. It’s also important to think about how the elements in a room work together to help a theme or a colour flow effortlessly through the room. Read on for our tips and hacks to inspire you.

Use mirrors to add instant light and the illusion of space.

Mirrors are perfect for decorating smaller rooms, hung directly opposite a window or light source, light and space can be effortlessly created. The use of mirrors also gives the optical illusion of space, making the room seem larger than it actually is. Paired with a light, neutral paint colour any small room can be transformed.

Use mirrors in any room to create light and the illusion of space.

Even better in a larger living area, mirrors create a luxury feel and classy look, small or large, any mirror can add light and dimension to your living space. Decorative frames are also a unique touch.

Place the mirrors directly opposite a window or light source to instantly create a light and bright living area.

The use of mirrors is our second tip in our short guide: “10 Simple Insider Staging Hacks To Increase The Value Of Your Sydney Home And Get It Ready For Sale” – Click here to download it (free).

Bring the outdoors in

Add plants to your living space! Small or large indoor plants are perfect for adding that ‘missing something’ to any room. Plants create a clean and fresh look perfect for the bathroom and kitchen. You can choose from a huge range of indoor plants, ranging from inexpensive, like charming succulents (hardy and easy to care for if you’re not the greenest of thumbs) to centerpiece and large plants, perfect for a larger living area.

Touches of life through your home create a calm, relaxed space and can even increase air quality. Accessorise with coloured pots for your plants, think outside the square and use old teapots, glass ware and recycled goods. If you’re lucky enough to have a courtyard or backyard, use potted plants to make the indoor space flow effortlessly to outdoors, by placing plants near doorways and on window sills.

Use paint or wallpaper to renew old furniture

It’s amazing how something so simple like a fresh coat of paint or some quirky wallpaper can transform your old furniture into something new and unique. Small touches and details are what really makes a room special so don’t overdo it. Start small, look for somewhere unexpected to put a pop of colour, keep it subtle, bookcases and coffee tables are a good place to start, try just painting the legs of the table or the interior of a bookcase. Other fun places like fire mantles, window frames or ceillings are perfect for leftover paint or some quirky wallpaper to be put to good use.

Use rugs to soften your hardwood or tiled floors

Create warmth and texture by layering different, thin rugs for something unusual and innovative.

Never underestimate the power texture has on creating a one of a kind space. Floor and throw rugs are the perfect way to introduce warmth, personality, and functionality to any living room or bedroom. Check out your local charity or secondhand furniture store if you’re on a budget, or just want to find something unusual and quirky.

Choosing a rug to go directly under furniture is a quirky and subtle way to add texture to a room.

If you want to splurge you could go for something luxurious like cowhide or a large textured rug. Placement is key when it comes to rugs, along with picking the right shape and size to fit and flatter a room. Try something different by choosing a rug the same size as your table or coffee table and place it directly underneath ( a current trend to add a pop of unexpected colour and texture)

Choose a rug that compliments your floorboard or tile colour, OR go for a pop of colour if you’re feeling daring.

Mix it up with old and new pieces

Look at what you already have stored away, you may have some cool pieces to accessorise with already. Older pieces like old hard covered books or you grandma’s decorative plates compliment new pieces perfectly, creating a balanced and personalised look.oldnew

Create an interesting feature wall using items that match your theme and colour pallette.

Be adventurous and create an inspiring feature wall with hanging or mounted objects you already have (think decorative plates, old photo frames, scarves, vintage items). Look for objects that match your colour scheme to really POP and create consistency. Position that brand new vase next to your older items and watch your previously stored keepsakes turn into a unique decoration that everyone will ask about.

Interested in more tips like these?

We’ve written a free guide called “10 Simple Insider Staging Hacks To Increase The Value Of Your Sydney Home And Get It Ready For Sale.” Click here to download (free)

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Thanks for reading and happy decorating!

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