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The Gift Of Giving

I’m not sure about you, but I think wrapping is half the fun when it comes to Christmas and giving gifts.

Creating beautiful wrapping adds the perfect touch, knowing that you put that little bit extra effort into making the holidays a special time for everyone. The possibilities are endless when making your gifts look joyful and beautiful. It’s the perfect opportunity to let your creativity run wild, get the kids involved and get into the Christmas spirit.

I always think beautiful packaging makes a gift seem that little bit more special, but that doesn’t mean spending lots of time and money on fancy ribbons and ties. You can pick up cheap packing items, repurpose household items or make your own decorations. Of course it doesn’t hurt to stop by your local craft store and pick up some goodies.

Here’s our top tips and hints for creating memorable and beautiful gifts this Christmas. Happy Holidays Everyone !! 🙂

1. Keep it simple

Repurposing brown paper is an affordable way to wrap gifts, especially if you have a lot! It also works as a great base to start layering elements. Here a paint splatter creates something a little unique for every gift, not to mention how fun it is to get a little bit messy. You can also decorate with pine or something nice out of your garden.

2. Create your own paper

Now here is a great activity to keep the kids busy. Potato stamping is an easy way to create personalised prints, simply by cutting a stamp out of a potato and dipping it in your choice of paint or ink. Cut the potato in in half and draw your design on with a marker, then carefully cut the design out with a knife. And just like that you have your own stamp, try a Christmas tree, stars or a cute snowman. It’s super easy and just as fun to paint on some designs, using some plain paper and traditional brushes, another good job for the kids and something extra special for family and friends to receive.

3. Limit your colour palette

By choosing just a few colours for wrapping, you can create a more unified Christmas look. You could go with the traditional red and green, or try something different like blue, black and gold or white, silver and green. The possibilities are endless! Try matching you wrapping with your household decorations, for a sophisticated Christmas charm.

4. Think outside the box

Why not use gifts to decorate your wrapping. Something simple like a candy cane or handmade snowflake is a simple and special way to jazz up plain wrapping. This trick is good if you’re short on time, or if your gift isn’t that exciting. You could also try adorning your wrapping with small toys, keyrings or charm bracelets.

5. Create your own Christmas tags

Take personalised wrapping one step further with DIY Xmas tags, this is a good chance to recycle any cardboard and left over ribbon. Try making your tags in the shape of a Christmas symbol, or simply painting the names on and cutting the corners off in a decorative way.

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