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Office Pooch Project

For some time now experts have exposed the health and well-being benefits of having an office dog.

This is good news for Metro Realty because we all have a soft spot for animals. After some discussion amongst our team, we all agreed that having a dog around the office would be a fun idea.

The facts are that having an office dog is good for business, according to scientists, studies show that employees become more trusting, relaxed and can even relate better with one another when interacting with a canine friend together. Studies also show that having access to a dog to play with, walk or cuddle can reduce stress by a third!

So… we saw that adding a pooch to our team was the next step to improving our workplace. I set off trying to find the perfect pup, posting an ad on Gumtree in an attempt to find a local person with a dog we could effectively ‘borrow’ during office hours. I was surprised at the response, getting five messages from Darlinghurst locals, offering up their pooch for some extra love and attention.

The following week, we all met Persy a loyal, 10-year-old rescue dog who was the perfect candidate for the office pooch position. She settled right in displaying her personality and loyalty from the very beginning.

Having a dog around the office is a great perk of coming to work. Persy is always excited to see us, even when we are suffering from Monday-itis, or having a just stressful day. We all take in turns walking her when we feel like some fresh air or need coffee and we get to spoil her with treats and pats when we need a quick break. Persy is a valuable member of our office, we have proven the studies right! Our workplace is pretty much stress free, and we have gotten closer as a team as a result!

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