Where To Go For Real French Pastries In Sydney

It sounds incredibly cliché but for French people patisseries are of utter significance.

It’s incredibly important for us to find good bread and pastries wherever we live hence I’m writing this post – sharing my knowledge and experience. If you have any more questions or want to catch up for a croissant feel free to call me. I’d be more than happy to talk about pastries as much as real estate.

Now without further delay, here’s a list of the best pastry places in Inner Sydney.

1. Laduree

Level 3,Westfield Sydney Mall


It would’ve been rude if I hadn’t mentioned a French brand here. Laduree is the ultimate go to place for Macarons – do not hesitate to try their different flavours, the best being salted butter caramel! They’ll make you feel like you’re sitting in Paris, sipping on cup of coffee and munching on macaroons.

2. Taste Baguette

East Village Centre, Zetland NSW 2017


I have been looking for a great croissant and Pain au chocolat (chocolate croissant) for quite a while and I found it just around the corner of my house in Zetland. This place surprised the life out of me! I was getting a cup of coffee and figured I might grab a chocolate croissant to eat… I was expecting to get a dry, chewy and quite horrific treat when all of the sudden, BOOM. A buttery, just out of the oven treat with great chocolate inside – just how they make it back home. It brought memories from my entire childhood and I eventually cried. Ok I’m exaggerating a bit however, that chocolate croissant is worth the trip!

3. Max Brenner

It might sound odd for a chocolate aficionado like me to give credit to a big brand like Max Brenner but I have to – they ARE GOOD! Their hot milk chocolate for starters, oh my god! I also suggest you try their chocolate souffle: www.maxbrenner.com.au/chocolate-experience/molten-chocolate-cake/

Now I have to warn you: if you are planning to visit a Max Brenner chocolatier DO NO EAT beforehand. Uncle Max will send you straight to food coma.

Alrighty, that’s it for me! Until next time…

– Post by Thomas Papasian

PS: You might need to hit the gym if you do end up on any of the above places.

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