Meet The Locals: Tyler Morgan

Since joining Metro Realty last year, Tyler Morgan has been one of Metro Realty’s real star performers, continuing to build his property management portfolio through some of the toughest conditions property investors have experienced.

Now, as he transitions to our sales team, Tyler reveals what he loves so much about working with his clients in the property sector.

So Tyler, how did you get started in real estate?

I was lucky enough to grow up around real estate. My mother was a property manager and I used to tag along on her routine property inspections. I also often went into her office after school to help out with the filing. This was long enough ago that everything was stored in a folder rather than digitally, so it was quite labour-intensive. It might sound strange but I actually really enjoyed it. I like things to be organised and it was satisfying getting all of her documents into order.

After I left school, I was working in a sales job and I wanted a move into something different. Mum suggested that I get into real estate too and I grabbed the opportunity with both hands. When I got a taste for property management I was immediately hooked on the industry. I loved the thrill of leasing a property out. I also really enjoyed meeting different people and finding out about them, as well as helping them find a home.

Can you tell us about how you came to Metro Realty and a little about your role here?

I’d already worked with Metro Realty a few times before I came to work here permanently and I really liked the people and the culture of the place. I was working at another real estate agency when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Metro Realty wasn’t looking for anyone at the time but I called them and told them I wanted to work for them. I haven’t looked back.

Since joining, I’ve mainly been working mainly in property management. I really enjoy the relationships aspect of the job – getting to meet so many different people and help them overcome challenges. You have to be very good with people but you also need to be so organised to stay on top of everything, and that’s one of the skills I think I bring.

You’re currently in the process of moving across to sales. Why the change?

I love property management, especially the people side of it but I see it as like running a marathon. The timeframes are long and you need to keep going, putting in as much effort as you can for as long as you can. Sales is more like a sprint. You have an intensive campaign and you have to throw everything you can at it in a shorter period of time. Once you’ve achieved your goal, it’s over and you feel a real sense of accomplishment.

You’ve only worked at Metro Realty since the pandemic. What impact has the pandemic had on business?

COVID-19 has had a huge effect on the inner-city property market, especially on the rental market. A lot of people who tended to rent in the area, such as overseas students and people moving to Sydney for work, clearly aren’t in the market at the moment. Also, the main attraction of the CBD has gone. People want to live here for the vibrancy – the pubs and restaurants and cafes – and as we are still in lockdown they can’t use them at the moment. That means that vacancies have gone up and that it’s been harder than usual to lease anything.

It’s been a big challenge but I think that this has made me hungrier than ever. I think that it’s at times like these that you really find out a lot about yourself and you also learn about how to do things properly. I’ve tried to learn as much as I can about the area and all of our properties and also been learning as much as I can about every person that we come into contact with – what they’re looking for and what their budget is. Communication is the most important thing and a time like this. All of the hard work has been paying off. We’ve still been leasing 10 to 12 properties every week, even through these conditions.

Tell us about your real estate philosophy?

My dad also worked in sales and he handed down a philosophy that anything worth pursuing in life requires work. He taught me that every hour you put in matters. If you want to succeed, you need to be proactive and work harder than the guy next to you. I like to think of myself as an engine that needs to keep going and never stop. There are times it gets put under stress – like during lockdown – but these are the times that make you stronger mentally and which help you to survive and thrive in the long term.

At the same time, I also believe that like most things in life, real estate is a team game. You need the support of really good people around you. If you don’t have that, it becomes hard to achieve anything.

Where would we find you when you’re not at work?

I’m very into sports and the outdoors. You’ll probably find me playing tennis or soccer or at the gym. I love being active and I don’t like sitting still for long. But I also love movies and reading and, on Sundays, I always try to spend time with my Mum and Dad.

If you’d like to know more about how Tyler or Metro Realty can help you contact our expert team today.

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