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Pets In The City

Posted by Anora on April 7, 2016
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More pet friendly buildings are evolving in inner Sydney as new buildings are typically allowing pets in their strata bylaws. This only makes sense as 60% of Aussies own least one or more pet companion. Pet ownership is proven to have important physical and mental health benefits for individuals and real estate experts say pet friendly buildings can add 5% to the value of the apartment.


Pets in the city


But in the meantime, most pre-existing strata buildings don’t allow pets or make the pet approval process incredibly stringent – you would have to seek approval from the owners corporation in writing, providing information to support description of the pet, type of breed, size, gender and it’s nature. World Tower is one of those buildings that are not pet friendly and as a result pets get abandoned in unusual places such as car parks. In the following case study you can find how this tortoiseshell cat lived alone in a car park for over 6 months (and maybe even more, no one knows).


Research suggests that up to 20% of rental households keep pets illegally. Nearly 30% of all pets surrendered to shelters annually are result of strata rules not allowing pets.


Case Study




  • This poor cat has been abandoned in World Tower carpark

Around late November last year I started spotting this cat every time I parked in World Tower. I would only catch a glimpse of her as she’d always scurry away as soon as she sees me approaching. I have been wondering to myself how she got here and how she’d been living – an underground car park is no place for anyone or anything to live in!


Just around Christmas I realised she started to wail, she was hungry. She was all alone, in a hot car park, no water and no food. I know the building really well and I knew that she would’ve starved to death if someone hadn’t started feeding her and that’s when we started leaving cans of cat food for her every 2-3 days or so.


After 5 months of solid trust building and 3 unsuccessful attempts for capture (heartbreaking!), the cat was finally rescued last Sunday. She’s now safe with the Glebe vets and had her much needed wash and medical attention. She’s now ready to find her forever home.


She’s got gorgeous short white hair with ginger and black patch. The vets estimate her to be around 8 months to a year old. She’s very affectionate and loves seafood! Judging from her behaviour she’s been domesticated at one stage. We have a suspicion that one of World Tower residents abandoned her once they realised they weren’t allowed to keep pets.




This exercise made me realise how extremely hard it is to rescue a stray cat. Not just the catching process but ‘finding someone to take her’ part. No animal organisations would take her as they were ALL FULL and RSPCA was no option as they would have to put her down – I wasn’t going to let that happen. No healthy animal should be put down.


If anyone is looking to adopt a new furry friend please do give myself a call at 0433 610 434. I’d very much like to see this cat have a happy life.

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    It’s a relief to find sooemne who can explain things so well

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