2019 End of Year Summary: A message from the Managing Director

What a wonderful year it has been! Through the many twists and turns, ups and downs, we’ve achieved and learned a lot! Looking back, I’m really proud of all that we’ve done in 2019. Considering the previous year (2018) was a tough one for real estate agencies, we’re really pleased about how things have turned around.

Thankfully, 2019 has been a year of positive change in the real estate market. Auction clearance rates started improving, more and more buyers were making it through our doors and finance applications were finally being granted. This meant properties were once again being sold, the market started moving again and prices have steadily stabilised over the past few months.

When you’re in business you have to work with whatever life throws at you. As an agency we have done really well to keep busy, super charge our marketing, focus on improving our services and seeking feedback from our clients. We’ve taken time away from work to continue our training and refresh our ideas and systems, as well as learn from industry thought leaders.

On a personal note, 2019 was my first year of being a full-time dad! My son Lewis turned 1 this year and what a roller coaster it has been! Having toddler running around presents it’s own unique set of challenges to add to life. It’s a fun ride! I’m so grateful and excited to have some quality time with my family over the break.

Here’s a snapshot of what 2019 looked like for us: 

Awards and Recognition:

  • Real Estate Business Award Finalists 
  • Australia Small Business Champion Awards Finalist
  • NSW Business Chambers Award Finalist
  • Nominated on Top Agent Magazine


  • 70% sale contracts signed electronically savings thousands of pages from being printed
  • 2 team members have gone vegetarian (actually it’s more like 1.5)
  • Switched to recycled A4 paper (explains why our paper looks a bit brown)
  • Introduced an office dog, Jessie – for her therapy, make no mistake she gets more out of being at the office
  • We added 12 new plants to our office jungle


  • Easter colouring competition – we’ll run it again next year it was so much fun for everyone involved
  • Barnardos Christmas appeal packing
  • Aided 2 x strata committees to restore and maintain fairness and balance within the strata buildings


  • Launched a new website (you’re on it now!)
  • Implemented maintenance manager software
  • Implemented key tracker software
  • Implemented new buyer management software
  • Implemented new appraisal system – for fast and efficient processing of appraisals
  • Last but not least, paid taxes and lodged GST! Gotta make your contribution for the greater good 🙂

That’s all for now. We have our plans and targets for 2020.

Sending a big thank you to our staff, vendors, buyers, landlords, tenants, contractors, suppliers, building and strata managers we work with and most importantly the universe for making everything possible. 

Here at the turn of the decade, I wish you great success in 2020. May you work smart and hard to become the best version of yourself possible!

Best regards, 

Joseph Fairchild

Managing Director


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