3 Foolproof Quick Tips To Prepare For Your Home For Open Home

Tip # 1

Leave the property

Despite how tempting it is to want to “help” your sale by being home while Buyers tour your property, it’s actually really uncomfortable for the Buyers if you’re present. Trust us on this.

Tip # 2

Make sure sight and smell senses of Buyers are in your favour. Avoid cooking before the showing.

As a matter of fact here are 3 quick tips you may consider to add more sight and scent value to your property:

  • Brew a fresh pot of coffee before you leave
  • Open the windows (only if it’s not noisy)
  • Turn all the lights on

Tip # 3

Tuck everything in and tidy everything up

  • Make the beds and fluff the pillows
  • Clean the kitchen – clear the kitchen from pans, pots and all cooking products. Think less = more
  • Tidy the bathroom – put away products from vanity bench and shower area
  • Take the garbage out
  • Vacuum the floors
  • Make sure all glasses and mirrors are clean
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