Bathroom Makeover Sydney: Revamp That Bathroom

Perhaps it’s time for a bathroom makeover Sydney style?

The average person spends a total of 1.5 years in the bathroom, and that lifetime figure doesn’t include the 14,000 hours women spend maintaining their hair.

Homeowners apply cosmetics, take prescribed medications, and soak in relaxing bubble baths in the bathroom.

The bathroom is where private phone calls are made and hidden emotions are released. Parents sneak into the bathroom to devour chocolates and bags of chips away from the watchful eyes of their children.

The bathroom plays an important role, so proper maintenance is crucial – especially if you’re planning to rent or sell your home.

Not sure where to begin? Here’s a list of handy tips to help you improve the condition of your bathroom, whether you want to completely renovate it or just change a few things.

Determine a Plan of Action

Before you start replacing faucets or tiling showers, it’s important to figure out exactly what you want to change and how you plan to change it.

Bring a pen and paper into the bathroom, or turn on your phone’s recording device so you can jot down notes as you examine every nook and cranny.

Write down everything you notice, from cobwebs in the corner to entire chunks of the wall that have rotted away from water damage.

Record notes about cosmetic and functional defects. Rusty taps, shower heads with low water pressure, and uncomfortable toilet seats are all things worth listing.

Make sure to examine areas that aren’t immediately visible to guests, such as the interior of your medicine cabinet or vanity.

Struggling to identify spots in need of some TLC? Talk to a real estate agent about your concerns.

Real estate agents are familiar with local trends and can help you create a buyer-friendly renovation or remodelling plan that doesn’t destroy your budget.

Fix Obvious Issues First

Pretend you’re a potential buyer who is touring your bathroom.

What do you notice first?

Is it the chipped, peeling paint on the ceiling?

The mysterious stains on your tub?

The funky odour coming from a slow-draining tub or sink?

The dust-covered vents?

Address these issues first and tackle less-visible issues, such as the cracked shelf in your medicine cabinet or the dent on the back of your toilet, later.

You should also establish a budget for large repairs, such as faulty plumbing or electrical wiring, and fix them as soon as you can.

Create a Soothing Atmosphere

Have you ever visited a beautiful bathroom in a hotel or five-star restaurant? Try to recreate that look at home.

No, your bathroom probably won’t have a plush sofa or personal attendant, but you can portray a relaxing environment with soft paint hues, decorative vases of fragrant flowers, and contemporary hand pumps with moisturising soap.

Spray a room refresher or place a small basket of potpourri on the counter to neutralise odours, and choose white or pastel pieces for your shower curtain and floor rugs.

Make it Modern

Flooring trends, colour preferences, and furniture styles evolve over the years.

If you’re after a bathroom makeover Sydney style and you’re still rocking the original lino flooring that came with your home or using a one-setting-suits-all shower head, it’s probably time for a change.

Infuse your bathroom with contemporary style by installing sleek faucets and an adjustable shower head. Opt for high-polish stainless steel or bronze pieces, and make sure you use the same type of metal and finish for your sink, shower, and toilet handle.

Replace or repair lighting fixtures before scheduling walk-throughs of your home.

Make sure lights are bright but not blinding. Dim lights may hide imperfections, but they also age a bathroom and make it difficult for buyers to picture themselves applying cosmetics or preparing for the workday.

Incorporate elegant upgrades if your budget allows for them, such as heated flooring or an indoor hot tub.

Cheaper luxuries include rain or waterfall shower heads, frameless glass shower doors, and new sink basins.

Grab the Spray Bottle

Ensure your attractive enhancements and upgrades aren’t ignored by thoroughly cleaning your bathroom.

Remember that multipurpose cleaning products aren’t always ideal for thick layers of soap scum or mildew. You may need special products designed specifically for heavy-duty cleaning, deodorising, and disinfecting.

Pay special attention to the walls around your sink, which are often hit with toothpaste splatters, streams of hairspray, and particles from bronzer or other cosmetics.

Clean the walls before you paint them, as some cleaners may damage paint or wallpaper, and paint may not adhere well to grimy surfaces.

Make sure you mop the floor, even if it looks clean. Sometimes bathroom flooring gets sticky or slick, and prospective buyers will notice something is amiss beneath their feet.

Cleaning is a must, especially if you don’t plan to replace or repair any of the equipment or decor in your bathroom.

So, there you have it… your bathroom makeover Sydney style.

One final helpful tip: many people struggle with bathroom ideas.

This app can be a big help. It’s essentially a catalog of design ideas in the once place. It has a really hand search function, so you can search by room or style.

Another helpful resource is this local website.

So now you can achieve that bathroom makeover Sydney style.

Schedule any repairs or renovations, consider meeting with a local real estate agent to discuss the pros and cons of upgrading your bathroom.

The two of you can develop a practical plan that addresses target demographics while preserving your desired budget.

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