Selling Your Home In Winter

Selling your home in winter can sometimes be a challenge.

And it can be a bit more challenging trying to sell a home in many areas of the country.

There are less hours of light during each day and days tend to be darker and drearier, especially when there is the threat of a storm.

And speaking of winter weather… the frigid temperatures, heavy snow and sleet can make it challenging to even get prospective buyers to your property for a viewing or for an open house.

Even after a storm when roadways are clear, the aftermath of it and the mess it leaves behind definitely don’t help the curb appeal of the property you are trying to sell.

These challenges don’t necessarily mean that selling your home will be impossible, they just might require you to be a little more diligent and creative in the way you present your home.

Here are a few things that you can do to make your home more inviting and attractive to prospective buyers:

Sights and Smells

Your home needs to have the right ambiance if you want prospective buyers to take the next step. Create a warm and pleasant experience for those that visit your home.

The lighting should be adequate, but not overpowering, and your home should be spotless and have a pleasant or neutral aroma (make sure rubbish has been emptied, laundry has been cleaned and consider having a few candles lit if you can do so in a safe manner).

Comfortable and Attractive Furniture

While your old couch and bean bag chair might be perfect for your family, they might create a less than flattering appearance for prospective buyers.

When selling your home in winter, consider making some adjustments to certain areas of your home to give the space the best possible first impression. You might want to rent some nice furniture that really compliments the layout and design of your home and make use of accents like rugs and throw pillows.

Upgrade the Décor

Even though you might not be the “artsy” type, adding just a bit of framed art to bare walls can make a big impact when it comes to a buyer’s impression of the space. You don’t have to go overboard on price, just a few nicely framed landscapes or tasteful nature scenes can make your home stand out.

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Adding a Splash of Spring Helps When Selling Your Home In Winter

It might be frigid outside, but you can still work to put buyers in a more springtime state of mind. Add some bright colours and fresh, welcoming scents to your home by putting out a few fresh floral arrangements throughout the space.

If the weather isn’t too atrocious or the ground too wet, you can even liven up the landscape a little by putting in a few pieces of winter friendly foliage.

Winter might be a tougher time to sell than spring, but the right plan of attack can help in a big way.

And these tips can help make selling your home in winter that much easier.

Make your home as bright, beautiful and inviting as possible and you might just entice those who attend your open house to put in the perfect offer!

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