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2020 End of Year Summary


Wow-what a year. 

True strengths were tested, alcohol cabinets were emptied, Zoom shares went through the roof, and hand sanitizers were used profusely. Shall we even go into toilet paper hoarding?

2020 has been anything short of a roller-coaster, and thank God it’s almost over! We can only be grateful that our government and people were resilient through everything and supported each other. 

Despite the odds and the ups and downs of the year, we have seen some silver lining. We have gone 100% paperless, sold all our filing cabinets, deep cleaned our office, improved our processes and systems, gotten more efficient as a team, and learned so much this year as an organization! 

What we’ve been up to this year 

We thank all our wonderful landlords, vendors, buyers, tenants, service providers, and suppliers for their trust and support throughout the year. We wish everyone a jolly holiday season filled with fun & quality time spent with loved ones!

Behind the Scenes

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