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Introducing our new series: Things to do in Sydney with Kids

We are pleased to launch the first instalment of ‘Things to Do in Sydney with Kids’, a new series that will showcase activities families can do with their kids and showcase families who embrace urban living.


Although Sydney may not be the most family/child-friendly city in New South Wales, if you know where to go you will always be able to keep your little ones entertained in our beautiful city.

I am a longstanding Sydney-sider. I work in the city and have come to know the place well. But now that I’ve got a toddler, the way I look at our city has really changed. I am always on the lookout for places I can take my toddler where he can play, and where there are child-friendly amenities either indoors or with sun protection. Ideally, this infrastructure would be free also!

I have been to a few regional cities within Australia and find Sydney to be one of the least kid-friendly cities in comparison, but if you know where to go you should be able to keep the little ones entertained — not to mention tire them out so you can finally sit down for a glass of wine and watch another rerun of your favourite show!

Some recommendations could be a long day’s outing and some could just be an overview of a park where you can while away an hour or two together. Either way, I hope you find them useful!

Tumbalong Park – Sydney CBD 

My very first place of recommendation to entertain and tire out kids in Sydney is Tumbalong Park. Ironically, Tumbalong Park happens to be the ONLY outdoor playground for kids in the CBD.

If you choose to head out this way, TAKE SPARE CLOTHES for the kids!

My little one has never been able to go to this place without getting soaking wet. 

The park offers a mixture of traditional outdoor play and water play. There are slides and swings but also a huge water park that will keep your kids occupied for hours. 

The different features, such as little canals, dams and water diversions, are very engaging for children of all ages!

Address: 11 Harbour St Sydney

Cost: Free

Parking: Strictly no street parking. I recommend Wilson parking at Darling Quarter or ICC Sydney carpark

Shade: Part shade 

Bathrooms: Best bathrooms are inside Monkey Baa Theatre. It’s good indoor place to change the kids wet clothes also.

Place to eat: Heaps! You’ve got McDonalds (if that’s your thing) for takeaways and plethora of nice sit down restaurants. With the recent opening of Darling Square, the options are limitless.

If you have time on your hands the Exchange is worth checking out for food options. It’s like an upscale food court.

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