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Walking Tracks Sydney – Pram Friendly | Metro Realty

One of the reasons why we love Sydney is because even if you live within the CBD, you have so many fantastic walking tracks close by that you can enjoy. 

Walking is a low-impact exercise and a great way to improve or maintain your overall health. Since I’ve become a father, walking has become somewhat tricky at times (it can take up to 2 hours to get out of the house, and we can usually only make it 50 meters until someone has to go to the bathroom!)

Nevertheless, we continue to prioritise walking 10,000 steps daily and are currently trying to get our four-year-old to get used to walking as a family. If you get the kids used to doing certain activities as a family now, there will be less resistance when they are teenagers – hopefully! 

Without further ado, my family’s favorite walking tracks in Sydney are here. I hope you find the list useful and the walks enjoyable! I have tried to avoid heavy foot traffic/touristy areas so the family can enjoy a peaceful walk. 

Domain and Royal Botanic Walk 

Beautiful all year round, The Royal Botanic Gardens is one of the most rewarding Walking Tracks in Sydney. Stop and smell the roses. Roll on the grass with the kids. Enjoy views across Circular Quay and marvel at the impressive collection of native and ornamental plants. Every patch of green within the garden makes an excellent spot for a picnic too! 

Allow your family one hour to cover the grounds, but you will likely want more time to check out all the beautiful pathways and manicured gardens.

Walking Tracks Sydney – Domain and Royal Botanic Walk

Royal Botanic to Barangaroo Walk (through Circular Quay & Rocks)

Parking: Best to park at Wilson Parking at The Domain Car Park. It costs $12 flat rate on the weekends.

Otherwise, there is metered parking along the garden. However, I don’t usually like this option as you never know how long you could be at the park! 

Stops for kids: There are no playgrounds in the area. However, there are various cafes, or you can picnic at Royal Botanic Gardens. 

You can also make a pitstop at the Art Gallery of NSW. If you have little children, this option can be a bit daunting as children always want to touch and feel, and Art Galleries usually don’t like that.


Walking Tracks Sydney – Domain and Royal Botanic Walk

Walsh Bay/Barangaroo Wulgul Walk 

A relatively new route was borne with the new Barangaroo precinct. Sydneysiders love this walking track because it’s open 24/7 and well-lit at night. We’d recommend pairing this walk with some delicious cuisine at the end (The Barangaroo strip is packed to the brim with excellent options)

Parking: Street parking along Hickson Road or Wilson Parking at Barangaroo Point.

Stops for kids: There are no significant playgrounds around Barangaroo; however, there is plenty of space for the kids to run around. 

If they are keen on ending up at a playground, you can make your way to Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour. 


Walking Tracks Sydney – Barangaroo Wulgul Walk

Walking Tracks Sydney – Barangaroo Wulgul Walk

Pyrmont Foreshore

Pyrmont Foreshore is our absolute favorite Walking Track in Sydney! 

If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, the Pyrmont Foreshore track is the perfect place for you! Etched in nature with mesmerising water views, this tranquil spot near Sydney Harbour always provides a break from the chaos. This stroll combines all that nature offers – unparalleled views of lush green surroundings and quiet reflections off topaz waters. Unplug from the stresses of everyday life and take a breathtaking journey that will draw one closer in connection with Mother Nature’s tranquillity.

You can follow the bay for the whole walk and reward the kids with lunch and a playground experience at Pirrama Park. 

Parking: Ticketed Street Parking

Stops for kids: Pirrama Park Playground has a water and sand feature, a merry-go-round, and several climbing and slide structures. 


Walking Tracks Sydney – Pyrmont Foreshore

Glebe Foreshore 

The Glebe Foreshore Walk from Bicentennial Park to Blackwattle Bay is 1.8 km of open space and gives visitors unimpeded public access to Glebe Foreshore and Blackwattle Bay.

The walk is accessible for pedestrians and cyclists. It includes high-quality parkland with diverse settings, easy access to the water for passive recreational craft, heritage sea walls and stone docks protection, and Indigenous native plants.

Usually only populated with locals, you can enjoy a quiet nature walk with the family. There are three playgrounds the kids will surely enjoy and plenty of culinary options at Tramsheds. 

Parking: Street parking along the foreshore. My go-to place for parking is Tramsheds. 

Stops for kids: there are three different playgrounds for the kids! The kids will surely enjoy each park with slides, swings, and sand features!

  • Harold Park Playground
  • Federal Park Playground
  • Jubilee Park Playground


Walking Tracks Sydney – Glebe Foreshore

Centennial Park 

Take a short 4 km drive from the CBD and discover an enchanting city gem, the lush Centennial Park. It’s parkland perfection, equally welcoming to families, athletes – even picnickers from near & far! 

You can also find multiple playgrounds designed especially for kids among endemic and social realms of natural beauty within this Urban Oasis. There’s even a pleasantly hidden waterpark tucked right away amongst many other hidden gems within the Park grounds. 

Walking Tracks Sydney – Centennial Park

Parking: Parking within Centennial park is free and always super easy

Stops for kids: there are three different playgrounds, one hidden from plain eyes! Be sure to stop by Ian Potter Children’s Wild Play Garden, where water, sand, and tree play are available!

  • Centennial Homestead Playground
  • The Ian Potter Children’s Wild Play Garden
  • Learner’s Cycleway Playground



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