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Teejay Seo – licensed real estate agent and Senior Business Development Manager at Metro Realty in Sydney – has over a decade of experience working with buyers, sellers and investors.

A believer in building lasting relationships with his clients, Teejay is committed to helping them achieve their real estate goals. Trustworthy, honest, and possessing extensive knowledge of the Sydney market, Teejay has built a reputation as an agent who always puts his client’s needs front and center during every transaction.

Teejay began his adventures in real estate in 2008. “I was pursuing a soccer career,” he recalls. “I was traveling a lot, and tore the ligaments in my ankle. I had just purchased my first investment property, and I decided that real estate was something I could do myself. I began as a sales assistant, and worked my way up.” Ten years on, as part of the impressive team at the renowned agency Metro Realty, Teejay has become a force to be reckoned with in the Sydney City market.

“I joined Metro for its excellence in marketing and superior standing in the marketplace,” says Teejay. Metro, which also maintains a highly-successful property management arm, has been recognised repeatedly for both the excellent service it provides and for impressive achievements in prices. Just a few of these include the Rate My Agent 2018 Agency of the Year, finalist standing for the Australian Small Business Champion Award, also for 2018, and record prices set for numerous buildings in Sydney’s World Tower, Regis Towers, Aspect and Summit Buildings to name a few.

With an impressive rate of repeat and referral business that hover around eighty percent, Teejay is clearly doing something right. When asked to account for this loyalty, Teejay points first to his personable approach. “I think a lot of it has to do with my personality,” he says. “I’m very easy-going and calm, and I think I instill some peace of mind in my customers. I can connect and build strong relationships very quickly with my clients.” His commitment to his job and his availability also come into play. “If there’s something they need to talk about, I’m always here for them,” Teejay explains. “If I promise my clients that I’m going to do some-thing for them, I get it done, and then confirm with them that the task has been completed.”

There are many other factors that come into play when assessing Teejay’s success story. “I think that as a younger agent coming up I’m very hungry to build my career and make sure that I maintain a good profile, especially in the Central Business District,” he says. “This year alone I’ve done over two hundred lease deals. A lot of that success has to do with having good time management skills, being disciplined and persistent and having a great team around me.”

While the financial rewards of his chosen profession are not inconsiderable, when asked what he enjoys most about what he does, Teejay points to the more personal side of the real estate industry. “I like that I get to meet new people all the time,” he says, “and that I get to manage their investment properties and make sure that they’re in good hands.”

As for the future, Teejay’s long-term goals include becoming a partner at Metro, and being principal of an office for the company. His most important objective, however, is to continue to provide the superior customer service that he has become known for. “If anyone has an investment property that they want managed, I think Metro has a great system in place, and also a great team to be able to service their needs,” he enthuses. “We’ll always go the extra mile for them.”

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